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5 Museums in the City of Uppsala-Sweden, from the Museum of Art to Health

In Uppsala City, not only libraries are a source of education, but also museums
Uppsala City is one of the cities in Sweden that is known as a student city because of the existence of Uppsala University, which is well known in foreign countries. In Uppsala City, not only libraries are a source of education, but also museums.

Uppsala city has several museums with a fairly complete collection. Even one of the museums has a collection of Egyptian mummies.
The following will review 5 museums in Uppsala City that you can add to your holiday bucket list.

1. Gamla Uppsala Museum

Gamla Uppsala Museum

The Gamla Uppsala Museum is very thick with Viking and Scandinavian nuances. This is evident from the shape of the dome, which reflects the Viking burial mound.
Visitors who visit this museum can learn about the myths, legends, and culture of the Vikings while viewing some of the artifacts found at archaeological sites. Tourists can join the tour to make understanding every piece of museum information easier.
This museum provides English-language tours for foreign tourists every day, especially in the summer.

2. Gustavianum Museum

Gustavianum Museum

Museum, The Gustavianum Museum was built in 1620. Its funding source came from Gustavus Adolphus. The museum is located in the Uppsala University area and was the campus's main building.
Therefore, don't be surprised if this museum has most of its collections in the form of the cultural history of Uppsala University. In addition, there are other collections such as antiques from the Nordic in the form of relics of the Vikings and a group from Egypt in the form of several mummies.

3. Uppsala Art Museum

Uppsala Art Museum

For lovers of the world of art and exhibitions, it is obligatory to visit the Uppsala Art Museum or Uppsala Art Museum. This place exhibits a wide collection of modern and contemporary art.
Some collections include photography, sculpture, painting, graphic sculpture, installation and sound, video, and performing arts. This museum is very suitable to be visited with a partner, especially if they both have the same enthusiasm for the beauty of art.

4. Linnaeus Museum

Linnaeus Museum

Is a Swedish botanist known as the father of modern taxonomy. Linnaeus was also a highly respected doctor of his time.
Several hundred years after his death, the house he lived in with his beloved wife is still well maintained and has functioned as a museum. The place seemed to be a silent witness to the genius of Linnaeus in understanding botany.
The museum has a well-preserved collection of Linnaeus relics such as furniture, tools, scientific papers, and letters he sent to his colleagues.

5. Uppsala Medical History

Uppsala Medical History

Museum, The Uppsala Medical History Museum has been around since 1990. This museum tells the story of the journey of the world of health and illness of the body and soul.
There is a large collection of medical equipment and the history of traditional to modern medical practices. In addition, there are various types of medicine and the world of psychiatry.
The Uppsala Medical History Museum is open only Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Tourists will be better educated by visiting the 5 museums above through their relics and historical stories. How about you, are you interested in seeing the museum in Uppsala City?

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