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5 Tourist Attractions in Lund, Sweden that you shouldn't miss

Lund is a city in Sweden known for its top universities and classic art by famous artists. Lund is one of the oldest cities in Sweden.
Lund is a city in Sweden known for its top universities and classic artworks by renowned artists. Founded around 990, Lund is one of the oldest cities in Sweden.

Apart from its vibrant student life, another attraction of this city is the many interesting sights to visit. You can visit from historical places, parks, nature reserves, and culture to religious tourism.

These five tourist attractions in Lund are a pity to miss when you are in Sweden. Therefore, make sure it is included in your vacation list, OK?

1. Kulturen


Kulturen is an open-air museum carrying a unique theme that takes you back in time. The museum, built in 1892, consists of historic buildings and gardens. They showcase city and country life in Lund from the middle ages to the early 20th century.
In Kulturen, you will get to know the lives of people from different social statuses and at different times. Compared to its initial establishment, Kulturen has now expanded to include historic homes in the area for preservation.

2. Lund Cathedral

Lund Cathedral

Since 1100 Lund Cathedral has been one of the most visited churches in Sweden. Every year there are more than 700,000 visitors who come.
Apart from being a place of worship, Lund Cathedral is also a place to store various important historical objects. One of them is a horological masterpiece from 1424. The Horologium mirabilis Lundense made to observe the time and date is still in excellent condition today.

3. Lund Botanical Garden

Lund Botanical Garden

Located in the city center, Lund Botanical Garden is a beautiful and cool place. Spanning an area of ​​8 hectares, Lund Botanical Garden can accommodate about 7,000 species of flowers.
Opened in the 1600s, the Lund Botanical Garden is a place locals often go to if they want to escape city life for a while. During summer, there will usually be a cafe operating in the park.

4. Lund Historical Museum

Lund Historical Museum

Lund Historical Museum is the second largest archaeological museum in Sweden. Inside the museum are collections dealing with life in the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages. There is also a collection of medieval art from Scania.

5. Lunds Konsthall

Lunds Konstall

For those who like contemporary art, visiting Lunds Konsthall is a must. This is because Lunds Konsthall is always at the forefront of showcasing the work of new and established artists worldwide.
The Lunds Konsthall building consists of two large floors with a simple but beautiful interior design. The serene atmosphere in the room makes this gallery an amazing place to view a work of art.

Tourist attractions in Lund, Sweden, can be an ideal destination for those of you who love nature, history, and religious tourism. The beauty that all tourist attractions in Lund have to offer makes you feel at home.

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