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5 Typical Cuisine of Stockholm, Sweden with Seductive Delights

Stockholm has many exciting and complete tourist destinations. When you visit, try some of their signature dishes that are sure to satisfy you.
Stockholm has many exciting and complete tourist destinations. When visiting, try some of its signature dishes that will surely make your tongue satisfied. The food can also complete your vacation while in the Swedish capital.

There are sandwiches, waffles, sweet cakes, to bread with a delicious cream filling. These dishes are guaranteed to have a taste that does not disappoint. Here are five delicious dishes that can be enjoyed while in Stockholm, Sweden.

1. Smörgåstårta 


A sandwich can be a delicious dish to accompany your vacation time in Stockholm. This dish is called smörgåstårta. This food is not only popular in Sweden but also in Estonia and Finland. This meal consists of slices of white or rye bread, toppings, and various fillings.
Then frozen with cream cheese, mayonnaise, yogurt, or a combination of the three ingredients. This dish is also filled with various vegetables. This food is even more festive when equipped with additional ingredients such as caviar, pâté, cuts of meat, shrimp, smoked salmon, cheese, and eggs.

2. Våfflor 


Waffles are not only available in Belgium. Sweden also has a special waffle called våfflor. This dish has been gaining popularity since the 1600s. Unlike its current form, this waffle used to have a square shape. The recent waffle is heart-shaped and has a topping consisting of fruit jam, whipped cream, and ice cream.
The ingredients for making waffles do not use yeast. This country's typical waffles are much thinner than Belgian waffles. The texture is similar to pancakes. Because of its immense popularity, this waffle has Waffle Day, celebrated every March 25.

3. Semmelwrap 


Semmelwrap is a portion of food in the form of a roll filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Before being served, the rolls are baked briefly. This food is practical with a delicious taste, which no doubt makes it a favorite of many people.
In 2015, this dish was created by Mattias Ljungberg in Stockholm. Since then, the dish has gained notoriety and has also gone on to be sold in several bakeries in Sweden.

4. Semla 


Semla is undeniable in terms of taste and aroma. This bread can make sweet food connoisseurs addicted to trying it. Cream bread is usually used as a delicious dessert. 
This food is made from plain wheat bread seasoned with cardamom. The bread is cut in half, and the inside is topped with a layer of almond paste and vanilla-flavored whipped cream. Some connoisseurs often sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

5. Swedish Kanelbulle 

Swedish Kanelbulle

Also, a cinnamon roll will make you addicted once you try it. This dish is called kanelbulle. This popular cake is flavored with cinnamon. Meanwhile, this cake is made with flour, milk, yeast, water, eggs, butter, and vanilla. To indulge sweet connoisseurs, sugar can be added to the dough, or it can also be sprinkled on rolls. 
Sometimes also, sesame seeds are often sprinkled on it. This bread is often on the breakfast menu, paired with a hot coffee.

Stockholm has a variety of dishes that will make your tongue sway. The dish is complete and guaranteed to make you satisfied!

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