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5 Typical Swedish Meat Processes that Taste Great Must Try!

Each country has processed meat which is usually used as a special menu at various events or served on a daily menu. So does Sweden
Every country has processed meat, usually used as a special menu at various events or daily. Likewise Sweden, this country has dishes made from beef that spoil the tongue.

Variants of various meat menus make people not bored with eating it. What are the typical Swedish meat preparations that you must try? Check out the full list below!

1. Julskinka


Julskinka is a dish that is famous for its deliciousness and softness. This food is always there at Christmas celebrations in Sweden. The ham is spread with a mixture of mustard and egg yolk. To make it delicious, it is topped with breadcrumbs and baked.
This food can be served cold or slightly warm. This dish is even more complete when enjoyed with sweet coarse mustard and pickled smörgåsgurka

2. Kåldolmar


Cabbage can be a cover for various preparations, you know. One delicious dish where cabbage is the main ingredient is kåldolmar. The cabbage in this dish is stuffed with pork, rice, milk, onions, eggs, and your choice of seasonings.
The beef rolls are covered with broth and milk, then grilled until browned. After the baking process is complete, the rolls are drenched in a sauce made from a liquid cooked together with cream, flour, and seasonings. 

3. Wallenbergare


Beef lovers can try Wallenberg. Ground beef, then cooked with egg yolks and cream. After that, the meat is rolled in breadcrumbs. This dish is usually enjoyed with green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam.
This food is filling, so it can be consumed as a breakfast menu. The savory combination of beef with soft potatoes makes eating more appetizing.

4. Korv Stroganoff

Korv Stroganoff

Swedish sausage is famous for its delicious taste. Korv stroganoff is a sausage made from pork, beef, potato starch, and spices.
Sausage stewed with onions, crushed tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, and crème Fraiche. This dish is practical and doesn't take long to make. This food is enjoyed as a side dish with the addition of peas.

5. Kalvsylta


Kalvsylta is minced beef stewed in broth. The broth is added with gelatin and seasonings. This meat is shaped like a jelly that is placed in a mold. After all, processes are complete, the core is cooled before enjoying.
This dish is generally sliced ​​and enjoyed with many side dishes, such as beets, crackers, lingonberry jam, radishes, pickled cucumbers, and mustard. Just from the looks of it, it makes you drool, right?

The Swedish specialty meat above has a delicious taste that can make you addicted. Many side dishes are suitable to be enjoyed with processed meat. Which menu do you want to try first?

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